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Grade Quarter Horse 2001 Gelding Sorrel 15.3 hands/1200 lbs SOLD HERE!

The information on this horse was last verified on 2/5/2009.

Are you looking for a stout gelding that can get the job done? Look no further, let "Ace" Be your Ace in the hole! This gelding is around 15.3 hands and 1200 lbs. He is stout enough to do your jobs on the ranch. This gelding has been used on the ranch, roped on in the branding pen, roped cattle outside. He has been ridden by both the top hands and novice riders. Ace is a good useable ranch horse, trail horse, pack horse, Hunting horse. With this guy you would have the potential for team roping and heading. He can really pull! Ace has also taken care of experienced kids and totally green adults. If you are horse shopping come by and test ride this gelding in Glenrock, Wyoming!

Please email Margie at INFO with information about your horse experience and goals in order to be put in contact with the owner of this horse.

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