The information on this horse was last verified on 1/5/2009.

Located in Keenesburg, Colorado on 80 acres you will find Andersen Acres. Travis and Andrea Andersen are dedicated to training horses and educating people on how to train them. Andersen Acres offers horses for sale, a free horse program, horse training, human training, and stallions at stud. Specializing in training horses that the entire family can enjoy. The training program specializes in colt starting, problem solving, trail behavior, and tricks. Because of their commitment to keep the horse and human happy, they offer training for both once the horse is sold. To remain happy the human needs to have the knowledge and skill to interact with the horse in an effective way. This will keep behavior problems away and help create a harmonious relationship. At Andersen Acres you can get the horse and training, setting you up for success! "Find us at on Tom Martino's exclusive Referral List."

Give them a call at (303) 732-4400, E-mail or visit their website, To learn more about this unique opportunity, and their free horse program! Please be sure to let them know you found them through Wyoming Horse Roundup!

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