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non-reg. Belgian 2005 Gelding Blond with Flaxen mane and tail 17.2 SOLD!

The information on this horse was last verified on 5/1/2009.

Bowers is a really nice 17.2 hand Belgian gelding. He has a blaze, some roaning and the flaxen main and tail. This gelding has a real job, currently he is being used to feed cows. He is continually doing more, recently he towed the family and some extra people off to target practice. The gun shots did not bother him at all! This is a very nice gelding.

Bowers is well started driving in team and single and is good around kids, dogs, cattle, and other horses. Bowers has good confirmation and sound feet and legs. He has pulled a harrow, a tongued cart, and large round bales. Catching this gelding is not a problem and neither is anything else! With his conformation and looks He would be a flashy show gelding or hitch horse and is quiet enough to be a work horse.

There are some delivery options available. Come and look at Bowers in Glenrock Wyoming.

Please email Margie at INFO with information about your horse experience and goals in order to be put in contact with the owner of this horse.

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