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APHA# 867872 January 2006 Filly Bay Tobiano SOLD HERE!

The information on this horse was last verified on 5/12/2009.

We have bred and raised this 3 year old filly. She has had 5 months of outside riding, been rode in the mountains, thru water, knows what a slicker and saddle bags are. She also opens gates, has drug a tire, also went to a practice and ranch roping novice competition and did SUPER!! We stopped riding her on Dec. 20th, for a break (she is young)! Thanks for your interest Jessie is located in Carr, Colorado.

Jessie is going to the trainer June 1-July 4th for a refresher!! Her price will increase to $3500. There are a couple of people lined up to look at her right when she comes back. Call her owners to get your name on the list, she won't last long!

Please call her owners Ken and Lori at (970)897-2471 Please Leave A Message, They Will Call You Back! Make sure you tell them that you saw their filly on

Bells Pistol Pete (Brown Tobiano) DS Prayer Reward Strictly Formal
Vigrous Verna
R Sudden Sensation Sudden Impact
Sweet Sensational
Miss Doc Feature (QH) Feature Bob Feature Hancock
Jackie Bobbie
Arnolds Mare Arnolds Doc Bar
Kay Jay Mare 8

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